Dental Implants for Beaumont & Port Arthur, TX

At his Beaumont, Texas practice, cosmetic dentist Dr. Dave S. Carpenter has met with many patients who express embarrassment over a missing tooth. But not only is there nothing to be ashamed about, the good news is that there is usually a simple fix: dental implants. With a replacement tooth that looks like the real deal, you will lose the urge to stifle your smile.   

Dental Implant Benefits

For many patients, cosmetic concerns are the primary motivation behind their decision to have dental implants. There is nothing like having a complete set of teeth; a noticeable gap in your mouth can distract from an otherwise beautiful smile.


That being said, dental implants are also important for non-aesthetic reasons. For starters, many people find it difficult or even slightly painful to eat without all of their teeth. Worse still, chewing on one side to compensate for a missing tooth can harm the jaw.

A missing tooth can also impact the way you talk. Once a dental implant is inserted, some patients notice that their speech impediment or slurring goes away.

Finally, your facial structure is at risk of changing over time because of a missing tooth. When a tooth is absent, your jawbone can start to erode, creating a “sunken” look in your face. An implant that replicates your tooth is a sufficient placeholder to avoid this problem.

Dental Implant Procedure Details

Dental Implant Procedure Details

In the initial phase of dental implant treatment, Dr. Carpenter will refer you to a trusted surgeon who will place the titanium implant. After complete healing, Dr. Carpenter will take a digital scan of the implant to the sent to a lab that specializes in restoring dental implants. Usually, anesthetic is not required for the scan or even the placement of the final porcelain restoration.

After the crown is made, Dr. Carpenter will attach it to the dental implant. These restorations are beautiful, and feel just like a natural tooth.

Dental Implant Candidacy

Most patients who are in overall good health and have a missing tooth or teeth are good candidates for dental implants. A consultation with Dr. Carpenter will confirm whether a dental implant is the right choice for you. Keep in mind that if you have several missing teeth, particularly all in a row, you may be better suited for an implant-supported bridge.

To speak with a top cosmetic dentist in more detail and to see for yourself just how realistic dental implants look, contact Dr. Carpenter via this online form and his friendly staff will arrange an appointment at your convenience.