Dental Crowns for Beaumont & Port Arthur, TX

A dental crown is one of the most common treatments for an imperfect tooth. A crown is essentially a tiny cap that fits over the top of an existing tooth for either functional or aesthetic purposes — often both. Dr. Dave S. Carpenter is proud to have fitted countless Beaumont, Texas patients with crowns to provide them with healthy, attractive smiles.

Benefits of Dental Crowns

Dental Crowns for Beaumont & Port Arthur, TX

Dental crowns can serve multiple purposes, including: 

  • Strengthening a weak or decaying tooth
  • Covering a tooth following a root canal
  • Keeping a cracked tooth intact
  • Improving the appearance of a tooth with an irregular shape or color
  • Topping off a dental implant
  • Attaching a dental bridge

Because dental crowns are designed to blend in with the rest of your teeth, most people will be unable to notice that your crown is not a real part of your tooth. 

Dental Crown Procedure Details

You will receive a crown over the course of two appointments. In the first such appointment, Dr. Carpenter will numb your tooth and then resize it so that it will be just small enough to fit a crown over it. He will then create a mold of the resized tooth so that a laboratory can create the crown in a shade that matches the color of your other teeth. Crowns are most often made with porcelain, ceramic or metal; Dr. Carpenter will recommend a material based on the location and function of the tooth being treated.

Tooth Crowns in Beaumont, TX

While waiting for the permanent crown to get made, you will wear a temporary crown (attached with a mild adhesive) to protect your tooth and keep your smile looking as normal as possible. Once the new crown is ready, Dr. Carpenter will ensure that the fit is right and is in line with your other teeth so that you can bite without impediment or discomfort. Then he will use a stronger dental cement to attach it to your tooth indefinitely.

Taking Care of Your Crowns

You should take care of your crowns the way you do your other teeth — by brushing twice daily and flossing regularly. Some patients prefer to use a toothpaste designed for tooth sensitivity, particularly in the initial days after receiving their crowns.  

Patients who want their crowns to last as long as possible should also be wary of what they chew on, as crunching on hard foods and objects may loosen crowns. With that in mind, you should definitely avoid chewing on fingernails and pens, as well as ice cubes.  

Schedule an Appointment

Thanks to the ease and success of dental crowns, there is no need to endure a broken or weak tooth that detracts from your smile. During an examination, Dr. Carpenter will assess whether you are a good candidate for dental crowns — in some cases alternatives may be preferable or more affordable — and advise you accordingly. To set up an appointment at Dr. Carpenter’s Beaumont office, call his friendly staff at (409) 898-4300