Dental Bonding for Beaumont & Port Arthur, TX

Many people assume that cosmetic dentistry involves a major overhaul, but there are some procedures that can address smaller imperfections in your healthy teeth. Dental bonding, for example, is a great way to improve the look of your teeth without making significant alterations or causing pain. Dr. Dave S. Carpenter is pleased to offer this lower-cost cosmetic option at his Beaumont, Texas dental office. 

Benefits of Dental Bonding

Dental Bonding in Beaumont, TX

Dental bonding is a convenient way to address several cosmetic issues; Dr. Carpenter uses the procedure to: 

  • Fix a chipped or cracked tooth
  • Change the shade of discolored teeth
  • Close sizable gaps between teeth
  • Add length to tiny teeth or a tooth that is shorter than the rest

In addition, tooth bonding can serve non-aesthetic purposes such as:

  • Protecting the roots of your teeth that are exposed due to receding gums
  • Filling cavities caused by decaying teeth

While bonding is certainly not the only way to fill a cavity, many patients consider it to be a more aesthetically pleasing option. If you have tooth decay, consult with Dr. Carpenter to determine whether dental bonding is a viable solution for your specific tooth.

How Dental Bonding Works

Dr. Carpenter takes resin, a durable plastic material in putty form, and sculpts it over the affected areas of your tooth or teeth. He then uses a light to harden the resin so that it remains in place on the tooth for years to come. 

Once it is firmly bonded, Dr. Carpenter will polish and buff it to make sure it is smooth and looks perfectly natural among the rest of your teeth. The tone of the resin should also match your existing teeth; Dr. Carpenter will get your approval on the shade ahead of the procedure.

The entire process is painless and therefore does not require a numbing agent. Usually, Dr. Carpenter can complete the treatment in under an hour for each tooth.

Dental Bonding Care and Results

Tooth Bonding in Beaumont, TX

The trade-off for having this less invasive and less expensive cosmetic procedure is that it will not last forever. Most patients will see the resin remain on their tooth for five to ten years, provided they take proper care of it.

Tooth bonding is susceptible to breaking or cracking if you chew on pens, fingernails, ice or other abnormally hard foods. Should your bonding crack a bit and create a rough edge in your mouth, schedule an appointment with Dr. Carpenter to resolve this issue.

Bonding is also more prone to staining than your normal teeth, so be judicious about some of the foods you consume that are known to stain, such as coffee, berries, red wine and dark sodas. Cigarettes will accelerate staining as well. Unfortunately, teeth whitening procedures will not be able to change the color of resin bonding.

Speak to Beaumont’s Dental Bonding Expert

Dr. Carpenter has provided tooth bonding to many patients who are happy to see their dental imperfections vanish through such an easy treatment. To discuss whether dental bonding is the right cosmetic option for you, schedule an appointment with Dr. Carpenter by calling (409) 898-4300.