Tooth Colored Fillings for Beaumont & Port Arthur, TX   

Although no one likes to get cavities, one of the main reasons people avoid getting fillings is that they are still picturing the traditional silver fillings that are so easy to spot in someone’s mouth. Fortunately, Dr. Dave S. Carpenter offers his Beaumont, TX, patients tooth colored fillings, also known as composite resin, which blend seamlessly with the shade of their teeth.

Why Do I Need Fillings?

Tooth-colored fillings in Beaumont, TX

Even the most diligent brushers and flossers occasionally get cavities. The important thing is to take care of them early to minimize the damage and future decay. Untreated, a cavity is bound to grow larger, which not only causes more pain, but is also likely to necessitate a more involved and expensive procedure down the line, such as a root canal.

Tooth-Colored Filling Benefits

Whereas dentists formerly preferred metallic fillings because they were substantially more durable than the existing alternatives, composite resin fillings are now comparable in strength, lasting an impressive five to 10 years before requiring further attention.

Composite resin is known for causing less tooth sensitivity, a contrast to other types of fillings. This is because the resin acts as a shield to hot and cold food temperatures that can cause sensitivity.

Best of all, the color of these fillings is not “one-shade-fits-all.” Dr. Carpenter will match the hue of the filling to that of your teeth so that, no matter the shade, it should be quite difficult for people to recognize the fillings in your mouth.

Tooth Colored Filling Procedure Details

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Dr. Carpenter will dry the saliva off your targeted tooth and then drill into the infected portion. Next he will insert the resin into your tooth, which should harden almost instantaneously. He will then contour the top of the filling to replicate the natural shape of your tooth.

The whole process is usually completed more quickly than with other types of fillings because there is less drilling involved and the resin hardens almost immediately.

Caring for Your Fillings

Teeth that have been treated with tooth colored fillings should be brushed and flossed just like any of your other teeth. These good oral hygiene habits will also serve to protect you from future cavities and the need for additional fillings.

In order to preserve your fillings so that they will not need to be replaced for many years to come, you should be mindful of consuming foods that are difficult to chew, as that may cause the composite resin to wear away faster, particularly fillings performed on your molars. Over time, acidic and sugary foods can also erode your tooth colored fillings, so eating fewer of those kinds of foods can also keep your fillings intact for longer.

Schedule a Filling Appointment

Whether you have been putting off a filling or are simply overdue on a dental checkup that would confirm if you have any cavities that need attention, now is a great time to reach out to Dr. Carpenter’s staff to book an appointment. In the hands of an expert cosmetic dentist like Dr. Carpenter, you can be confident that your filling will be an easy procedure.