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Frequently Asked Questions About Cosmetic and Reconstructive Dentistry

1. What will a brighter, more youthful smile mean for me?

2. My smile isn't as attractive as it used to be. What can I do?

3. What can be done about missing teeth?

4. How can I whiten my smile?

5. My smile doesn't need any help, but my back teeth are full of large, dark metal fillings.
What can I do?

6. I have already lost all of my teeth. What can Aesthetic & Reconstructive Dentistry do for me?

What will a brighter, more youthful smile mean for me?

Did you know that subconsciously or not, on that all important first meeting, people's decisions about how they react to you are influenced by their evaluation of your appearance in the initial 30 seconds?

Studies performed scientifically show the top three things people notice first when meeting someone is their eyes, their smile and their general appearance.

The up-most importance of a beautiful smile is in how you feel about yourself. It effects your confidence and your success with others in business, social and personal situations.

No situation is hopeless. There are many methods to repair and improve your smile. Aging, antibiotics and many factors contribute to the damage of healthy teeth. Whether darkened enamel is the problem, gapped or broken teeth or perhaps even missing teeth. Even old fillings effect your smile. We have proven methods to help you restore the smile you have always wanted.

Take a look at our special offers and fill out our patient information form and we will contact you to set up an appointment. Or, just give us a call:

My smile isn't as attractive as it used to be. What can I do?

As we age, so do our smiles. An aging smile is characterized by shorter, darker, uneven teeth. Spaces and gaps may form as the front teeth get shorter. An aging smile also effects our facial profile. The mid-face region may appear collapsed, with the chin appearing to close to the nose. Dark, vertical crack lines may also appear in the front teeth.

What can be done about this? Modern dentistry has much to offer for treatment of the aging smile. Sometimes, simply bleaching the front teeth is all that is required to restore a more youthful smile. If bleaching does not adequately restore the smile, porcelain veneers may be recommended. Porcelain veneers require minimal tooth reduction, and provide spectacular aesthetic results. If the front teeth are severely fractured, or have large fillings, full porcelain crowns may be necessary to achieve a beautiful smile. A more youthful smile can be achieved in almost any case.

Call Jackie today at (409) 898-4300 and you can help us decide what is best for you. Also, check out our smile gallery of beautifully restored smiles.

What can be done about missing teeth?

Missing teeth can and should be replaced as soon as possible. Once teeth are lost, the remaining teeth can shift positions and cause bite problems which can lead to further tooth loss. Several options exist for the replacement of missing teeth. Dental implants can be a very effective way of replacing teeth. Typically, an oral surgeon places the titanium implant, and waits 4-6 months for complete healing. After the implants are firmly attached to the bone, the dentist can make replacement teeth on the implant.

Conventional bridgework is still the most common method for permanently replacing missing teeth. In this method, existing teeth are utilized to anchor the replacement teeth. The replacement teeth (or pontics) are permanently affixed to the existing teeth by use of crowns. This method has stood the test of time and can produce excellent results. Don't delay when it comes to the replacement of missing teeth.

How can I whiten my smile?

Generally speaking, teeth can be whitened in two ways.

Bleaching of teeth can be accomplished in the dental office or at home. If the patient chooses 'dental office bleaching', it is usually accomplished in one appointment with light activated bleach. The appointment length is approximately 90 minutes. Some patients choose 'at home' bleaching. This technique requires at least two visits to the dental office and the use of a custom fit dental tray for several weeks.

Either way, bleaching can produce phenomenal results for many people. Call today to see if bleaching will work for you.

Porcelain veneers or crowns:
For severely stained teeth, or dark teeth which have very large discolored fillings, porcelain veneers or crowns may be the treatment of choice. Spectacular smiles can be achieved with porcelain. Not only can you choose how white you want your teeth to be, you can choose the shape of your teeth. Porcelain can also be used to straighten crooked teeth or repair chipped front teeth. Today's porcelain is not only beautiful, but exceptionally strong. Porcelain veneers/crowns produce the most dramatic changes possible in your smile.

My smile doesn't need any help, but my back teeth are full of large, dark metal fillings. What can I do?

Large, dark, amalgam fillings are particularly troublesome to many people. They can make your teeth appear gray and decayed. Amalgam fillings can "leak", which allows decay to get under the fillings. Also, Large amalgam are a leading cause of "cracked tooth syndrome", which is characterized by painful chewing and cold sensitivity.

Today's more modern restorations are now a great alternative to dark amalgam fillings. Porcelain or composite inlays and onlays can make your teeth white again and can restore your back teeth to almost 100% of their original strength. These restorations are bonded in place, and can eliminate tooth sensitivity most of the time.

I have already lost all of my teeth. What can Aesthetic & Reconstructive Dentistry do for me?

To a large degree, we dentists have failed the edentulous patient (people who have lost all their teeth). People who have lost their teeth have been ignored, forgotten and left out of the cosmetic revolution that has swept modern dentistry.

This is beginning to change. Dental implants are benefiting many edentulous patients, helping them to have an aesthetic smile as well as a strong bite.

The single most exciting procedure that our office is offering for the edentulous patient is the "Life-Like Cosmetic Denture". This procedure is less costly than implants, and offers a beautiful, life-like result. The patient is in charge of the shape, color and arrangement of their teeth. The outcome is a smile that does not look like the typical denture.

Call us today at (409) 898-4300 to ask about this 'state of the art' cosmetic denture.

We want all of our patients...
to walk away smiling!

After years of hiding my smile, I can now relax and enjoy taking pictures and making memories. Dr. Carpenter and his wonderful staff worked hard to give me the exact look I was hoping for in such a short period of time. I am forever grateful for not only the change in my smile, but for the change to my entire life!



Dr. Carpenter is a skilled dentist. who I feel is informed on the most recent dental studies in his field. I appreciated his explanations of the entire process of the work being done. I feel very comfortable and at ease with him and his caring staff. The outcome of my dental work gives me a sense of accomplishment and great pleasure. I feel that my appearance is enhanced and my teeth feel and look better than before

Thanks to Dr. Carpenter.



I went for years perfecting the 'no teeth' smile. I was so self-conscious because the enamel on my teeth had been worn down to almost nothing. They were ugly and they hurt. But now, I can smile with no worries, I am out of pain and I have the smile of my dreams!



Recently I had veneers placed on my top front teeth. What a difference! My teeth had thinned with age plus blackened as well. Now I'm proud to smile again.



My teeth were deteriorating. When you get older like I am, your teeth wear down and get pitted. I told Dr. Carpenter that I wanted them to look like they did originally. I am thrilled. Not only were my teeth wearing down, but they were turning darker. So, it's a dramatic change. I get compliments all the time.



You all know how anxious I was about my decision to get this dental work done (veneers).

All I can say now is thanks so very much for giving me "a smile to smile about".

You and your wonderful staff helped me so much with lots of patience and kindness as well as professionalism. Everything you did for me was much appreciated.

If anyone wants to know if getting veneers is worth it or not, the answer is Yes, Yes, Yes... Go for it!



I had almost given up hope for my teeth. I knew I needed a miracle if I was going to keep them. I also knew I needed someone I could trust. After getting my facts together and much prayer, I chose you!

I came to you with razor thin teeth and two partials which I thought I was stuck with for the rest of my life. I now have a mouth fill of beautiful teeth that are all permanent. NO PARTIALS!! YEA!!

I am very thankful I was lead to you and for your dedication to your profession. The atmosphere of your office was very professional and friendly. Your staff seemed just as excited as I was with the final outcome. Thank you very much for giving me a new smile that I will be able to enjoy the rest of my life.



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